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.. born in the classroom, and uniquely rich in pedagogy!
Ideal for graphing and geometry (2D and 3D),
statistics and probability.

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Autograph 3.3 available now for Windows and Mac
with a brilliant new "Save to Web" feature.
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Autograph resources on the TSM website

Tutorials about Autograph
from teachers all over the world

Also: Douglas Butler's blog

Datasets - for sharing, delivering
raw data, and for information

Useful images - to inport/analyse

Windows 10 Anniversary Edition - DLL ISSUE SOLVED
A problem has hit users running Autograph following the recent upgrade to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. The following error message comes up:

The program can't start because ext-ms-win-gdi-desktop-l1- 1-1-0.DLL is missing from your computer.

You can solve this by downloading and installing the latest installer for Autograph 3.3.11
Network users, please go here. Any further problems: Email support

Autograph: Far East tour, September 2016:

Autograph workshop at RECSAM, Penang
Friday 9 Sept with Douglas Butler
Autograph workshops @ Learning Interactive
Mon 19 & Tue 20 Sept with Douglas Butler

GESS SHOW Wed 14 - Fri 16 Sept 2016 Jakarta Convention Center
Autograph @ STAND D22 in the UK PAVILION with PHYWE, Jakarta
Autograph GESS presentation by Douglas Butler: 13:00 Green Room, Thursday
 Autograph runs in 21 languages - including:


CHINESE: .CN website - 8pp Brochure ARABIC: Tutorial videos - PDF tutorials

 Another triumphant TSM WORKSHOP in July 2015

Sun 5-Tue 7 July

Keele University

Once again a fabulous team of tutors gave 3 days of hands-on practice, including pre-conference workshops

TSM is taking a break after 21 years. The next workshop will be in July 2017.

 New publication in Australia illustrated with Autograph

We are pleased to announce the publication in Australia of a major text: MATHEMATICAL WHETSTONES. This book covers a wide range of secondary and college level mathematics and is copiously illustrated throughout by files made using Autograph 3.3

Full details: www.mathematicalwhetstones.com.au
Topic list: www.mathematicalwhetstones.com.au/topic-list.html

 New Autograph 3.3.29 now available for Mac Users (December 2014)
We are pleased to announce the release of Autograph 3.3.29 for Mac, which includes a number of important changes to make it compatible with OS X 10.10 (Yosemite).


 New - published Summer 2013:
"Enhancing Mathematics Understanding through Visualization: The Role of Dynamical Software"
Editor: Samer S. Habre shabre (at) lau.edu.lb, Lebanese American University in Beirut
Publisher: IGI Global August 2013 - book webpage - Amazon (USA) - Amazon (UK)

Chapter 6: Vectors & Differential Equations – a visual approach using Autograph
by Douglas Butler - Chapter 6 summary page and links

 Autograph Newsletters


Craig Barton, author of the Autograph Activities textbooks, has written a wonderful set of Autograph newsletters!

1 Reflections
2 Straight Lines
3 Angles
4 Calculus: Differentiation
5 Rotations
6 Statistical Diagrams
7 Translations and Vectors
8 Calculus: Integration
9 Pythagoras and Trigonometry
10 Enlargements
11 Constructions
12 Puzzles
13 Probability Distributions
14 Geometric Proof
15 Quadratics
16 3D Special



A major new facility has been launched whereby Autograph Activities can be easily authored and presented in an attractive and usuable format online. The activities will run seamlessly in all common browsers, and on PC and Mac platforms. Here are some great new examples from some of our leading authors:

Douglas Butler - Mr Barton Maths - Philip Lloyd (New Zealand)

See new blogs: 'Matheminutes' from UK teacher Owen Elton, amd TSM Resources from Douglas Butler
For more online resources, see TSM resources for Autograph

NEW!! Interesting Autograph Files from Students around the World

Release of the update Autograph 3.3.10


The latest update to Autograph 3.3 brings:

• Support for Mac OS X Lion.
• Major simplifications to the installation and activation processes.
• Corrected and improved data-fit routine.
• Text Box for equation formed from f(x) and g(x) now states the definitions of f(x) and g(x).
• Constant Controller can now set up animations negatively.
• New languages: Greek, Swedish and Turkish.

Download the latest update today!

THE AUTOGRAPH PLAYER, for PC browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera


The Autograph Player allows files created using the new"Export to Web" feature in 3.3 to be displayed dynamically in all the common PC browsers. The installation of the Player should be automatic, responding to the initial demand in that browser.

If for any reason the Player is not working, please visit the Autograph Player page for a quick solution.

Take a look at the brilliant new videos using the new Autograph 3.3
Autograph is the world's first full right-to-left grapher in Arabic: see summary, and Arabic tutorials

3.3 Video Tutorials
Posted: 16th August 2010


Autograph Books
with Activity CDs

'Autograph Activities' books by C N Barton. The Teacher Demonstrations book and Student Investigations book complement each other perfectly.

Both books come with a CD with support materials for each chapter

Full ordering details from the Chartwell Yorke online store

Download CONTENTS and SAMPLE PAGES (pdf): Teacher Demonstrations - Student Investigations
Posted: 22nd April 2009  

Sparkling new AUTOGRAPH 3.3!



Autograph has had a serious make-over with the new v. 3.3.
In addition to a host of new features, 3.3 offers full compatibility with all versions of Windows (including Chinese, Japanese and Korean), and has been localised to run seamlessly in the following languages:

• French, Italian, German and Spanish (FIGS); Dutch, USA English
Norwegean (Nynorsk and Bokmål), Swedish, Turkish, Polish, Hungarian
• Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Europe), Russian
• Chinese: Simplified (mainland) and Traditional (HongKong/Taiwan)
Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa Indonesian
Arabic (RTL entry), Arabic (LTR entry)

Meanwhile check out the new features in What's new (Autograph 3.3)
and find out Where to buy (international dealers)

v 3.3

Posted: 17th August 2011  

Autograph MANUAL - 96 pages in full colour!

The Autograph MANUAL "Getting Going with Autograph 3"

This is a comprehensive 96-page summary of all Autograph's features in Statistics (1D), 2D Graphing and 3D Graphing.

• Illustrated in full colour throughout, the Manual is available singly, in 5-packs or 10-packs: contact your Autograph dealer.

Not yet upgraded to 3.3? Order your new CD (and Manual) now.
You can upgrade to Autograph v 3.3 from v 3.2, 3.1x adn 3.0x .
See UK Order Form. Please remember to quote your licence certificate number.

Posted: 23rd June 2010

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